As the governing body we have responsibilities. We aim to remain true to the spirit of sport by aspiring to deliver:

Fairness – we will treat everyone and every situation equitably

Openness and Honesty – we will be transparent and informative in our dealings. We will communicate wisely, widely and effectively.

Ethics – we will ensure that we fulfil our role in:

  • The promotion and development of best practice concerning anti-doping
  • The safeguarding of all young people involved in our sports through the awareness, education and training of our staff, as well as robust systems for management of all safeguarding issues
  • Providing equality of opportunity for all sections of the community by a commitment throughout the organisation to the understanding of barriers to participation and specific initiatives to break down those barriers and promote inclusion

Over the strategy period we will:

  • Strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical practice through continued work in the fields of Anti-Doping, Safeguarding and Equality
  • Develop successful relationships with Sport Wales by delivering results and meeting targets
  • Increase earned income as a proportion on turnover on a sustainable and diverse basis
  • Review our policies and procedures annually or when we become aware of a relevant change in legislation
  • Consult with and invite feedback from all our stakeholders on a regular basis although we are happy to accept comments and feedback at any time, e mail:


Squash Wales Conduct and Complaints Procedures