The priority of Squash Wales is to devise and implement the strategic plan for:

  • maintaining and improving existing standards (governance);
  • expanding and developing partnerships (development);
  • developing and supporting elite players (performance).

Squash Wales vision is to:

  • increase the popularity and profile of squash  – better collaborative working
  • increase participation in squash – every  child hooked on sport for life/nation of champions
  • ensure coaches and referees are suitably qualified and receive continuous professional development – supported to        pass on their skills and passion for sport to others
  • continue to provide a system to nurture elite players so that they can mature and fulfill their potential
  • achieve success on the highest stage – top 20 World ranked player
  • produce players who are honoured to represent their country
  • foster players who respect their sport, their peers, their family, their coaches and themselves

Squash Wales Strategy