All you need to play squash is a some comfortable sports clothing, a ball and a racket. You may also wish to purchase protective eyewear. This
can be purchased online, via squash clubs or major sports retailers.


There are a variety of different rackets available to purchase. Generally squash rackets have a small head and a long handle, whilst racketball rackets
have a large head. It may be worthwhile to visit your local retailer to find a comfortable size and weight that suits you. Rackets can be purchased
from relatively small prices.








There are four types of squash balls available to use and it is important that you choose the right one for your ability.
Generally beginners tend to use larger bouncier balls whereas more advanced players will use balls that are less bouncy.

The four types of balls available are:
Blue dot—these are larger bouncier balls and are perfect for beginners
Plain black— these are slightly smaller with less bounce than the blue dot. These are ideal for recreational players.
Single yellow dot—these are competition balls and generally used by club level players.
Double yellow dot—these are used by elite / professional players and have the least bounce.
Blue Racketball— Perfect for beginners
Black racketball— For advanced players.











As there is a low risk of eye injury while playing squash, protective eyewear maybe worn on court. This is mandatory at junior competition level.


World Squash Eyewear Regulations