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On Court Solo Routines – Attacking Drives

Ghosting Patters Linked to Visualization

Reflection in Lockdown

Squash Wales junior membership opportunity to ask the performance team questions regarding the opportunities created during lockdown. Reflecting on the last 7 weeks during lockdown should have given you a better understanding of your game.  This will create opportunities for further learning and development. Your chance to ask the performance team questions you have regarding those opportunities.


Topics for the questions / Areas for continued learning and development:

➔ Tatitcal

➔ Technical

➔ Physical

➔ Mental Approach

➔ Planning ( diaries, training, tournament, lifestyle )

➔ Reflective practice

➔ Utilising resources


Please send questions to the performance team / questions and answers will published on the website under the coaches corner tab.  All questions will be displayed anonymously

Coaching Workshop 


Solo Volley Exercise 

Theme / ability to hit under a ball & down on a ball. Essentially the technical ability to defend & attack a ball.


Coaching Tips

> Width in the swing

> Index finger for control

> Activated  wrist position

> Early racket preparation and adaptable swing / backswing inline with the pace of the ball

> Racket head control

> Ability to drop the racket head under the ball or get the racket head above the ball



Forehand volley straight from underneath the ball, feeding a straight ball above shoulder height. Next shot is an attacking volley above shoulder height, hitting the ball crosscourt to enable a straight volley on the backhand from underneath the ball to repeat the attacking crosscourt again.